von Ferber Family

This site provides our family with services such as; Private Encrypted Emails, VPN - Virtual Private Network, Portfolio Hosting & more.

Family Services

These services are provided to all family members with the surname of von Ferber. If you would like to gain access to any of the following services please use the contact form below and let us know what you need access on.

Web Hosting

Want a small page to host a portfolio or your resume online?


Need to secure your IP at home or while travelling abroad? Login now and Secure!

Family Email

Want a safe, secure, email with the vonferber.com domain?

Request or Contact

If you are a member of the von Ferber family and have not yet requested access to any of the services that are provided, please use the contact form below to verify that you are indeed a member of the family. Access will be setup by the System Administrator shortly after verification. If you're seeking to contact a member of our family also use this form your email will be forwarded to the member you're seeking to communicate with.